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I was in an absolute panic trying to find a nice yet affordable assisted living place for my mom.  But all of that changed when I met Jennifer and the team at Townehall Place of West Bloomfield.  Her first inquiry was, “Tell me about your mom.”  She then spent 90 minutes with me learning the likes, dislikes, quirks and challenges facing my mom.  She and the Care Director then took the time to visit my mom while she was still in rehab – over 40 miles away.  I was floored.  And even better, the entire care staff was just as awesome.  Very personable.  The team in my opinion went above and beyond at every step.  They were consistently two to three steps ahead of me and always willing to help.  Mom is very happy and I am too.  Thank you Townehall Place! – Mark Saunder


I think he’s getting his money’s worth – he feels safe and comfortable at the community.  The Management team is respectful, knowledgeable, accessible and responsive.  The building is clean & the activities are good. – Family member of current resident.


I think my husband has adjusted very well. The management staff take care of everything immediately. They do a wonderful job. Jennifer did a wonderful job getting me in within two days of the application. They are very concerned about the patients and the food is good. The service is really good. There is healthy food on the menu. The housekeepers are doing a good job. I am real pleased. I think the maintenance is excellent. His room is perfect. The care givers do a really good job. They are really concerned. I am really happy. They come when they are needed. I think they do a wonderful job. I would highly recommend it. Everything is perfect. I am thrilled to death. – Nancy M (Spouse)


I looked at five or six in the area and thought it was the best I saw at the time. They do a good job with the dining. I think the room is great, I think the place is beautiful, it’s well taken care of in the hallways. I know my mom likes the caregivers as well. – John A (Son)


We just liked how it was organized, the people were very friendly, and it was very clean and welcoming. We looked at six or seven places and my grandpa chose Townehall Place. The caregivers are helpful and they love him which is great. They have a story about him every time I go to visit; they’re on top of it. The common areas are always clean. They just redid it, they did a new parking lot, and they’re doing a lot of good things there. The management people are just amazing. They have been helpful from before we even moved my grandpa in. Steve, the marketing manager, he’s the one we toured and did everything with. We mentioned grandpa likes ice cream, Steve asked what type, and when we moved in it was waiting in the freezer. They just went above and beyond. Grandpa absolutely loves the activities. Her uses the bus for field trips and it seems like it’s been fine. It’s always clean, housekeeping does their best in his room. We were lucky; we got one of the newer rooms. It seems to be well worth it, he’s getting the care he needs. – Kirsten T (Grandchild)


My wife really likes the activities that are offered. Her apartment design and layout is very nice and the maintenance has been good. The dining staff do a good job of paying special attention to the residents and the food itself is good. We have been satisfied. – John L (Spouse)


They had rooms available, so my husband and I went and toured it and was impressed with it, and that was the number one reason for moving in. The move-in experience was good. Communication is good from management and staff, they were just so accommodating with all of our needs. They explained everything real well, we were impressed with that. The caregivers have been very accommodating for him, he has no complaints. My husband enjoys the food and variety on the menu, the activities look to be entertaining, and housekeeping is keeping the room clean and making sure his clothes are clean. It’s an excellent value, he is comfortable, I know he’s safe. I would definitely recommend it, my husband says, ‘I love it.’ – Selba F (Spouse)


Moving is always a stressful time in anyones life especially so when finding a senior living facility. After looking at several facilities in Oakland county we settled on Townehall Place. 

The twenty four hour care is excellent as is the food and daily activities provided. My husband Charles doesn’t feel isolated.  It is more of a home than an institution; our family is very grateful.  – Nancy Martinez


My brother and I visited several assisted living homes for our Mother. The first home we visited was Townehall Place. Upon entering and touring the facility we both felt it had a warm, clean and secure feel. The management team and staff we met were pleasant and knowledgeable in assisted care and living. We then had our mother visit Townehall Place and other facilities. She chose Townehall Place for the clean, warm atmosphere and the number of daily activities. She enjoys being with others she has met at the home and all the activities. She wants to be active and engaged and Townehall Place provides this for her. Mom enjoys the fact that she does not have to cook and prepare meals, do laundry, and housekeeping. This is all provided for her. And, the Townehall Place facility and support features cost were actually less than other facilities visited.


They have been accommodating to help me with him. My daughter did a lot of looking around for a place. My husband is pretty much enjoying the food. They are good about following the needs of his special diet. He has just recently started physical therapy and I think the therapist has had him going to whatever activity they are having. Every now and then he will go to an activity on his own and I think it is healthy for him to be around other people. The maintenance staff has been very helpful. The transportation staff is very helpful with getting him to dialysis three times a week. The care staff seem to care for him very well. His mind is very sharp and he will tell us if he is unhappy with anything. They are very good about taking care of him. – Linda M (Spouse)


My son and I needed a break taking care for my husband, so he stayed at Townehall Place for a one month respite stay. I was really apprehensive about putting him anywhere for as month, and it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Danielle and Kathy, in management, oh my gosh, they did everything well. They were so helpful with every step. By the time I was with Kathy on the phone I was crying, and she made me feel good. She was so kind and positive, even when we met. My husband started throwing a tantrum 10 minutes after we got there, and Danielle and Kathy and the caregivers stepped in, told us to leave, and took things in hand. Everything runs well, the place is clean, the staff is friendly. I thought for a community the food was excellent. We came for a Mother’s Day brunch, my sister came with me, and she couldn’t get over how good the food was, again, for a community. I thought there was a good variety, and this goes to the staff, my husband was picky, and the staff would cajole him into trying something new. The dining room was beautiful. I thought that the crafts were excellent. The different horse racing, the parties they had for the derby and Cinco de Mayo were great. I think it was great that every Friday they had people come down to get their blood pressure and weight measured. The little activities girl, I’m saying little because she’s petite, is a real firecracker, she’s very good. Everybody knew us. I walked in, they knew my husband belonged to me, walked me up to his room when I didn’t know where it was. The caregivers gave me a report on what he had done each day, I couldn’t believe it. He loves to walk around a lot and they would send someone to take a walk with him outside, it was just great. Even the lady who does the cleaning knew who I was. I looked at a variety of places, and my family was in many ones over the years. All had odors, but at Townehall Place, no odor. The doctor who saw him probably a couple weeks into his stay. The doctor adjusted his medicine, and my husband was like a new person. My gosh, it made all the difference. We had seen so many doctors whom I told the same things, nobody did anything. This doctor spent time, assessed him, and within weeks my husband is a new person. Everyone, the entire staff, even the maintenance people, everybody was really, really good. If I have to place my husband for respite again, or permanently, Townehall Place is our choice. I want to go there; even my sister wants to go there. – Carol R (Spouse)


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